Why Is Lip Gloss for Women Trending

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What makes your lips stand out with the perfect shine? Lip gloss makes your lips shinier, plumper, and gorgeous. Lips without lip gloss look like a cake with no icing! The 90's beauty staple- lip gloss, is back with a bang and trending! You get luscious lips and shiny pout by wearing the perfect lip gloss. Lip gloss can make you look effortlessly glam! 

The cosmetics industry has come with new and improved lip glosses made from natural ingredients. It enhances the texture and shine of the lip gloss. The new range of lip glosses is perfect for healthier, shinier, and luscious lips. 

Here are the factors that make lip gloss trending now! 

Lovely Glossy Factor

We all know the glossy factor of lip gloss! Everyone will love to see the shiny, reflective, and glossy smile. Lip gloss effortlessly makes you look glamorous and chic. Versatile lip gloss can get along with your look like a nude or smokey eye look. Wearing lip gloss makes your lips pop and shine. 

Tones and Textures

Bold class colors and nudes that don’t wash you out are always the best! There are many lip gloss color tones and textures to pick the best for brown skin. Find a suitable non-sticky lip gloss to get the perfect finish and rock with self-confidence. 

Lip gloss for women

You can find lip gloss in different colors and tones like brown, red, and pink. Select lip gloss according to your mood to get the best look! 

Moisturizing Effect

The moisturizing effect comes from the ingredients like coconut oil! A single application of lip gloss can keep your lips moisturized, healthier, and look voluptuous for long. Lip gloss works like instant lip plumper and enhances your overall look. 


Wearing lipstick can be painful with chapped lips. Lipsticks with matte or chemical-based formulas can dry out the chapped or damaged lips. 

Lip glosses made from natural ingredients keep your lips moisturized and healthier. The improved formulas are used to make the lip glosses healthier and non-sticky. Natural and organic ingredients in a lip gloss keep the lips plump and fresh. With a hydrating lip gloss, you get supple and soft lips. 

No Application Woes! 

Wearing lip gloss requires no prior preparation like contouring or lip lining. You can wear your favorite lip gloss and get ready to stun everyone in one single step. However, another technique for applying lip gloss, is to wear them along with your lipstick. It gives your lips an extra shine! 

If you are looking for dye-free, moisturizing, and highly pigmented lip gloss for women, rely on LUV + CO! Our carefully crafted lip glosses are 95% natural and 90% organic to give you a non-sticky and extreme shine look. 

We at LUV + CO focus on providing talc-free and paraben-free makeup for brown skin made from organic ingredients but for lip gloss we also eliminate synthetic dyes (linked to ADHD and other health disparities). Shop today the best, safe, and most mindfully-formulated beauty products at LUV + CO! 

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