Clean Foundations: How to Choose Between Powder, Liquid and Cream

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The beauty scene has changed tremendously over the years.

Brands have taken into consideration our specific skin color, type, and needs when creating products. So, no one product will work for everyone and should work for everyone. This is why we have three different ways to formulate your foundation. Our genetic makeup and skin types are different and so you and I may not use the same type of foundation. We can choose between powder, liquid, and cream.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a breakdown of the foundation formulas to choose from:

POWDER Foundation: - 

Powder foundation can be used if you want a matte or luminous makeup look that is buildable. This is perfect for the no-makeup - makeup days as your skin will look smooth, even, and a (little) blemish-free or for medium to full coverage days when you desire a bit more coverage.  It can be used wet or dry.  Dry use is convenient if you’re in a hurry to go to work or meet up with a friend and you don’t have time to do a full face or to apply multiple products like liquid and then have to set with a powder.  Powder naturally has a mattifying effect even when extra micas are used for a healthy glow to the skin.

Powder foundation is best for your skin type if it is oily or combination.  The excess oil will be trapped by the foundation particles to prevent more oil from being produced which can ruin your makeup. And, who wants that? Once you apply, ensure to blend the foundation so it evenly spreads across your face.

The LUV + CO. 4-in-1 Complexion Powder is a luminous finish loose foundation and the LUV + CO. Matte Setting Powder builds to a foundation as well with a more matte finish. Both clean beauty products are talc-free and preservative-free, easy to apply and offer buildable coverage.

loose mineral foundation

LIQUID Foundation: -

Liquid foundations are used if you want a lightweight, moisturized yet matte finish. It is perfect for the days when you want to do a full glam makeup look for your birthday, a date with your friends or significant other, or even a party. It provides medium coverage, so your skin looks as if it’s glowing from the inside out. 

Liquid foundation is best for dry, normal or combination skin types. The foundation will not take long to dry or cause excess oil production. Once you apply, ensure to let the foundation dry before you apply your concealer, blush, and contour.  Typically, liquid foundations should be set with powder to prevent transfer. 

melanin match liquid foundation

CREAM Foundation: -

Once you apply a cream foundation to your face, it stays in place! Not only does it provide hold, but it provides coverage so your skin will be spot and blemish-free. Cream foundations are used for professional settings where your makeup cannot smudge. It’s applied for weddings, movies, interviews, and other important events. For this reason, having an HD Cream formula is beneficial so you are always camera ready! Cream foundation can be used all over the face or only in spots where extra coverage is desired.

cream foundation

Here at LUV + CO. we want you to make an informed decision when choosing the type of makeup, you’re applying to your face. So, this isn’t to steer you away from any foundation but to guide you as to how each type can be suited for your makeup needs. No matter the formula, you can't go wrong if the formula is made with healthy, clean beauty ingredients and the principles of conscious beauty in shade availability are met.  We love makeup as much as you do, and we desire to help you make informed decisions.  If this blog post helped you, let us know in the comments. As well as let us know which type of foundation you use. 

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