Why You Need to Consider Heart Health in Your Make-up Routine

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Did you know the overall appearance of your skin is determined by your heart health? Your skin is a true manifestation of what is happening inside of your body. And while you may be engrossed with beauty products and the latest fashions to have fun with your appearance, sometimes you cannot overrule the importance of simply taking good care of your body from the inside out. Consumers are becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and onto their skin.

Your dietary preferences, daily supplements, water consumption and general healthy, vital lifestyle are all key steps to healthy looking skin. Cleansing, moisturizing, toning and protecting your skin are also vital steps to take in striving towards a more youthful looking appearance.

There is a relationship between a healthy heart and healthy skin. Your heart functions by moving oxygenated blood and nutrients to the living layers of your skin. Your skin contains a very complex system of blood vessels that aids in transporting oxygen and nutrients to those cells that determine how your skin looks. When your blood flow is enhanced and that oxygen-rich blood is delivered to both your skin and muscles, you feel that amazing post-workout glow. It’s a bit of a glowing look that gives you blushing cheeks and a more youthful appearance. All credit and thanks to your heart!

Your heart assists to improve collagen as well. When it pumps and circulates blood flow, the added blood, oxygen and nutrient supply that are transported to the skin also help to enhance your collagen production. When it comes to skin, the importance of collagen can’t be over-emphasized. It promotes your skin plumpness and makes it appear smooth. Collagen promotes a youthful appearance. Collagen supports the renewal of skin cells and is necessary for the skin’s elasticity. It’s also essential for skin firmness and suppleness.

The heart also carries waste products away from your working cells. Those waste products can include free radicals, which are a result of early aging, other effects of the skin and the body as a whole. It about assists your body to flush out the cellular debris from your system.

Toxic make-up comprises of substances or ingredients that could have undesirable effects on your health—and we don't just imply rashes. Some can generate lifelong health conditions, such as cancer, endocrine issues, reproductive problems, and heart disease.

The ingredients in make-up are easily taken in through your skin and can find their way into your bloodstream. Imagine what toxic ingredients in make-up will do to your body when it is in your bloodstream and finds its way to your heart. An ingredient can be said to be truly toxic by how deeply it’s taken in through the skin. There are many research studies that reveal an average of 64 percent skin absorption rate when using solvents found in some makeup and skin care products.

Skin care and cosmetic products can also be swallowed. Research has revealed that heavy metals, like lead, have been found in lipsticks and other lip products. Those who reapply lip products many times a day can consume a significant amount of these ingredients, even exceeding the daily prescribed exposure to some heavy metals. It’s also possible to mistakenly swallow facial products we apply close to our mouths.

One exposure to a toxic chemical probably won’t harm you, but over time, these exposures accumulate, both through frequent exposures of the same chemical, and variety of chemical exposures.

Non-toxic make-up are products that made without the use of any harmful, toxic, carcinogenic, or poisonous substances that has safety concerns. Nontoxic make-up products are key step to living a healthier life and enhancing your wellbeing. 

That is why we have developed our products in a conscious manner, eliminating toxic ingredients linked to causing heart damage and stressed skin along with other health disparities. Shop the LUV + CO color collections to find heart-healthy face, eye and lip products. 


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