About Us

Our Story...Why LUV +Co.?

LUV + Co. is a culture, research and faith based company that fills the need for safe, natural and organic beauty products for women of color focusing on black women in particular.  Our mission is to help equalize eco-beauty and offer inclusive green beauty products. LUV + CO. celebrates spirituality, healthy relationships, black imagery and Afro-culture.

The company, founded by beauty and business researcher, expert and college professor, Melodie Ray Davis-Bundrage, Ph.D., began as a mineral make-up and color cosmetics company offering natural and organic foundation formulas specifically made to match the skin tones of women of color better.  The formulas eliminated ashy appearances while providing make-up free from toxins, parabens, and carcinogens in a diverse range of shades.  The company has since expanded to include skin care, natural and organic lip products, and beauty accessories.  Many products are gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian friendly and cruelty-free.  Products and company direction are research based, instead of trend based, following the voices and incorporating the desires of participants in beauty and marketing research studies performed by Dr. Davis-Bundrage and other academics.

It is our hope that you join the #luvtribe, a community of LUV + CO. partners and customers that understand the importance of healthy beauty products in all categories (not just hair), and desire for the industry to show "LUV" to those of us that have historically been overlooked, voices unheard, or deemed unworthy of quality, safe cosmetics.