Why Vegan Nail Polishes Are All The Rage Among Women

Melodie Davis-Bundrage

Having a home manicure during self-isolation can be a great way to practice positive self-care. But, unfortunately, some nail polish brands are still making their products through cruel animal testing. This is done by dripping substances into the eyes of rabbits, smearing them onto their shaved skin, or forcing them to inhale or ingest large amounts of chemicals.

Luckily, there are many companies that make nail polish, makeup, and other beauty products that are not tested on animals and that are PETA-approved. Online retailers like LUV Mineral Cosmetics, LLC gives you the opportunity to buy nail polish online without being cruel to animals.

How to check if your nail polish is vegan?

When you're shopping for nail polishes for summer, a holiday, or any other occasion, do your research to find out which brands are vegan and don't test on animals. If you don't have time to do that, simply read the ingredients list printed on the bottle to find out if they contain Guanine, Carmine, and Oleic Acid. If you do find these ingredients in your chosen nail polish, it would be wise not to purchase it. Instead, walk away from that shelf and do your research on other brands of nail polish that are vegan or cruelty-free. Once you've found the right brand, dive right in and find the perfect shade for yourself.

Why choose vegan, cruelty-free nail polish?

Vegan nail polish, which is not tested on animals, protects the environment and ecosystems. It also promotes honesty in all affairs by not encouraging choices that are immoral or lack ethical fervor. Because you care about animals, you’re likely to feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are buying a product that was manufactured responsibly. By purchasing cruelty-free nail polish, you can explore your personal style while making a difference in the lives of animals. Remember, every little bit helps!

Buy Nail Polish Online At LUV Mineral Cosmetics:

As an environmentally conscious beauty product supplier, we're committed to sustainable, cruelty-free practices. We do not test our nail polishes on animals. Our vibrant colors, quick-dry formula, and long-lasting finish are created from the finest ingredients under strict quality control.

Our nail polish is free of toxins, cruelty, and vegan. It is kind to the environment, and we minimise our environmental footprint by making only limited quantities, reducing waste, and delivering a premium product. Buy LUV nail polishes in 7 different shades!

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