Independent Beauty Advisor Questions

    What does it mean to be a LUV + CO. Independent Beauty Advisor?

    LUV + CO. Beauty Advisors are independent business owners that have joined our beauty advisor program and are therefore authorized to sell products on the LUV + CO. website.  Beauty advisors operate their own business as independent contractors or affiliates and are not employees.  Beauty advisors wear, share and sell LUV + CO. products through virtual parties or events, sharing on social media or 1:1 virtual or in person consultations.  Beauty advisors excited about the products we offer earn a commission on sales.  They do not hold inventory like wholesalers and do not sell product in brick and mortar venues or other e-commerce platforms (such as Etsy, Amazon or their own e-comm sites).  Each beauty advisor receives their own LUV + CO website upon enrollment in our program.  Please read the in-depth terms and conditions form upon enrolling for more explanation. 

    How long has LUV + CO. been in business and are your products sold via direct sales currently?

    LUV + CO. has been in business for eight years.  We have purposefully grown organically and slowly so that our success would be sustainable.  Our products have been successfully sold via direct sales by our partner www.buyblackmovement.com for the last five years.  Now we are ready to build our own beauty advisor community!

    Are there any restrictions to enroll as a Beauty Advisor?

    Yes. All enrollees must be US residents, minimum of 18 years old and have a high school diploma.  Previous social media experience, small business marketing experience, a personality that loves to connect and support other women are all great assets as well.  You must also not currently sell other cosmetics or beauty lines via direct sales.

    Do I need to buy inventory?

    No. All sales are sold through your replicated website.  You do not hold inventory or have to collect payments outside of the software or deliver orders.  However, you will need to have samples of our products at your home to test and share in person or on social media.  Samples are included in our starter kits.  If there are items/colors that you don’t purchase at sign-up, full-size products may be purchased with your beauty advisor discount throughout your time as an active beauty advisor.

    How are products sold to my customers shipped to them?

    The LUV + CO. corporate team picks, packs and ships all orders to your customers.

    Do I need to have sales experience?

    If you have sales experience you are one step ahead of the game and your experience will be a valuable asset to your success selling LUV + CO.  If you don't have sales experience, we offer basic training to all new beauty advisors from corporate and through your sponsor.  Advanced training will also be available to you as you grow within the company.  We are here to support you!

    Will I be able to connect with other LUV + CO. Beauty Advisors and receive training and support?

    Yes!  We are a very supportive community that is built on the principles of women supporting women in business.  Beauty advisors support each other and through the network also support brand owners in the beauty community that manufacture products for our target audience.  Your sponsor and other beauty advisors will support you in addition to the LUV + CO. corporate team.  Once you enroll, you will have access to a beauty advisor forum within the back office.

    How is LUV + CO. different from other direct sales companies?

    LUV + CO. is the only "for us by us" direct sales company.  We are 100% black owned and the only color cosmetics direct sales company exclusive to clean beauty.  We also specialize in product development for brown and black skin tones, skin issues and hair textures.  We represent our culture visually in all we do on all platforms.  We make it a point to hire people of color and work with suppliers and vendors that are people of color.  As we continue to expand our line of products, our network will support black owned brands and founders allowing a never seen before distributor network to be created for small brands that find it difficult to or cannot depend on major retailers for distribution of their products. Suppliers support you as an independent business owner and provide training and you in turn support suppliers by sharing and selling their products.  

    May I also rep other beauty direct selling companies while enrolled as a LUV + CO. Beauty Advisor?

    No.  We ask that you build your network and business in regard to beauty products within the LUV + CO. program only.  We encourage those persons who offer beauty services to join us and you are not limited to wholesaling other products but not direct selling them.

    How much do I need to invest when I sign up?

    LUV + CO. offers several starter kits that you can choose from.  The starter kit that you choose will be dependent on your budget and desire of the number of products you desire to have at home to share to your network.  When you sign up to be a LUV + CO. Beauty Advisor, you’ll order your Starter Kit.  You may also want to purchase a handful of bestselling LUV + CO. products so you can share what you love, but that’s completely up to you. We keep costs minimal because we want you to be successful as soon as possible without incurring debt to grow your new business!

    Are there any other fees after enrollment?

    Yes.  Once you get up and running in your new business.  Your website, back-office and basic training costs $14.99 per month.  This includes unlimited tech support and corporate office and sponsor support by phone or email in addition to virtual sessions. 

    There is also an annual renewal fee of $49.99 to stay active in the network.  Staying active allows you to keep earning commission on your personal purchases and sales.  Advanced training and full conferences (pay to attend) will also be available as your grow your business.

    How many hours do I need to work as a LUV + CO. Beauty Advisor?

    What is great about being an independent beauty advisor is that you are a beauty boss!  That means you get to decide how much or how little you want to work. Based on your schedule and desired income, you’ll determine how many hours you want to put in to building your business.

    Do I receive a commission on my personal orders?

    Yes.  Just place your orders through your own replicated website.

    What is included in the LUV + CO. Starter Kit?

    Your Starter Kit is a beauty box filled with business building selling and marketing tools, a selection of sample sizes of our products and full-size products.  The number of products included depend on the starter kit selected.

    How much will I earn and how do I get paid?

    This is all up to you! LUV + CO. Beauty Advisors can earn 20% - 50% commission on personal sales and/or personal and group sales based on the compensation plan. 

    *Compensation plan subject to change with 30 days notice.